Bachelor - Class of Excellence (EN)

The Class of Excellence is our faculty’s programme to promote the best and most promising students on the basis of their excellent performance. The objective of the CoE is the establishment of a group of dedicated and successful members who strongly identify with the faculty and who set a good example for the students to come. With the Class of Excellence we offer our students a great programme that allows them to prepare for their future professional life and provides them with special insight into different fields of business and economy.

Selection of Members

Students are selected based on their grade point average in the first year of the bachelor's program and after successful completion of the STEOP introductory phase. After nomination, students will be selected in consultation with the responsible coordinator. With their participation in the Class of Excellence, students commit themselves to the faculty in the program and the associated obligations to participate.

Benefits and Obligations


The members of the Class of Excellence are offered a varied program during the course of an academic year, consisting of excursions to renowned national and international companies as well as workshops to prepare them for their professional life. This gives them the opportunity for personal development and insights into various career opportunities. By writing field reports or interviews, they can set thematic priorities and also establish personal contacts that bring professional and/or scientific benefits.

At the end of the academic year and successful participation in the Class of Excellence, students will be presented with a certificate by the Dean, which can be enclosed with the application folder as a positive sign of commitment. In addition, students receive 2 ECTS credits as an expense allowance.


Members of the Class of Excellence are required to participate in at least five selected events and to write a contribution for the faculty's own media portal. Furthermore, we expect active participation and interest in the excursions in the knowledge that they represent the faculty to the outside world.


Dr. Mareike Tonisch, M.A.

Coordinator of the Class of Excellence

Universität Wien
Dekanat der Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1; 1090 Wien
T +43-1-4277-37046