The Faculty has defined two categories of top journals. Category 1 are the very top journals in a field (top 10% according to the Article Influence Score provided by ISI Web of Knowledge plus some complementary lists). Category 2 are the next best journals in a field (top 25%).

The Faculty Journal List (FJL) can be found here.

Below we list 2018 Category 1 and Category 2 publications (last updated July 2018) of our experts. Other publications, e.g. book chapters, are listed in our annual report.

Category 1

  • Bachoc, F., Leeb, H., & Pötscher, B. (2018). Valid Confidence Intervals for Post-Model-Selection Predictors. Annals of Statistics.
  • Bomze, I., Schachinger, W., & Ullrich, R. (2018). The complexity of simple models: a study of worst and typical hard cases for the Standard Quadratic Optimization Problem. Mathematics of Operations Research, 43(2), 651-674.
  • Fischetti, M., Kahr, M., Leitner, M., Monaci, M., & Ruthmair, M. (2018). Least cost influence propagation in (social) networks. Mathematical Programming. 170(1), 293–325.
  • Garcia, D., & Shelegia, S. (2018). Consumer Search with Observational Learning. RAND Journal of Economics, 49(1), 224-253.
  • Hedegaard, M., & Tyran, J-R. (2018). The Price of Prejudice. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 10(1), 40-63.
  • Laux, C., Loranth, G., & Morrison, A. (2018). The Adverse Effect of Information on Governance and Leverage. Management Science, 64(4), 1510-1527.
  • Matl, P., Hartl, R., & Thibaut, V. (2018). Workload Equity in Vehicle Routing Problems: A Survey and Analysis. Transportation Science, 52(2), 239-260.

Category 2

  • Gansterer, M., & Hartl, R. (2018). Centralized bundle generation in auction-based collaborative transportation. OR Spectrum: Quantitative Approaches in Management, 40(3), 613-635.
  • Gouveia, L., Barros Joyce Moniz, M., & Leitner, M. (2018). Branch-and-cut methods for the network design problem with vulnerability constraints. Computers & Operations Research, 91, 190-208.
  • Kadić-Maglajlić, S., Micevski, M., Lee, N., Boso, N., & Vida, I. (2018). Three Levels of Ethical Influences on Selling Behavior and Performance: Synergies and Tensions. Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Kiefer, A., Schilde, M., & Dörner, K. F. (2018). Scheduling of maintenance work of a large-scale tramway network. European Journal of Operational Research, 270(3), 1158-1170.
  • Kilgour, D. M., & Vetschera, R. (2018). Two-player fair division of indivisible items: Comparison of algorithms. European Journal of Operational Research, 271, 620-631.
  • Kress, M., Caulkins, J. P., Feichtinger, G., Grass, D., & Seidl, A. (2018). Lanchester model for three-way combat. European Journal of Operational Research, 264(1), 46-54.
  • Leitner, M., Ljubic, I., Luipersbeck, M., & Sinnl, M. (2018). Decomposition methods for the two-stage stochastic Steiner tree problem. Computational Optimization and Applications, 69(3), 713–752.
  • Leitner, M., Ljubic, I., Riedler, M., & Ruthmair, M. (2018). Exact Approaches for Network Design Problems with Relays. INFORMS Journal on Computing.
  • Pichler, P., & Sorger, G. (2018). Delegating climate policy to a supranational authority: a theoretical assessment. European Economic Review, 101, 418-440.
  • Pietrus, A., Scarinci, T., & Veliov, V. (2018). High Order Discrete Approximations to Mayer's Problems for Linear Systems. SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, 56(1), 102-119.
  • Scarinci, T., & Veliov, V. M. (2018). Higher-order numerical scheme for linear quadratic problems with bang–bang controls. Computational Optimization and Applications, 69(2), 403–422.
  • Shabbir, H. A., Maalouf, H., Griessmair, M., Colmekcioglu, N., & Akhtar, P. (2018). Exploring Perceptions of Advertising Ethics: An Informant-Derived Approach. Journal of Business Ethics, 1-18.
  • Sinnl, M., Fischetti, M., & Monaci, M. (2018). A dynamic reformulation heuristic for Generalized Interdiction Problems. European Journal of Operational Research, 267(1), 40-51.
  • Sorger, G. (2018). Cycles and chaos in the one-sector growth model with elastic labor supply. Economic Theory, 65(1), 55-77.
  • Sorger, G., Gersbach, H., & Amon, C. (2018). Hierarchical growth: basic and applied research. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 90, 434-459.
  • Tricoire, F., Scagnetti, J., & Beham, A. (2018). New insights on the block relocation problem. Computers & Operations Research, 89, 127-139.
  • Tsai, H., Rachinger, H., & Chan, K-S. (2018). Inference of Bivariate Long-memory Aggregate Time Series. Statistica Sinica, 28(1), 399-421.
  • Vogl, P., Braune, R., & Dörner, K. F. (2018). Scheduling Recurring Radiotherapy Appointments in an Ion Beam Facility: Considering Optional Activities and Time Window Constraints. Journal of Scheduling, 1-18.