The Faculty has defined two categories of top journals. Category 1 are the very top journals in a field (top 10% according to the Article Influence Score provided by ISI Web of Knowledge plus some complementary lists). Category 2 are the next best journals in a field (top 25%).

The Faculty Journal List (FJL) can be found here.

Below we list 2019 Category 1 and Category 2 publications (last updated April 2020) of our experts. Other publications, e.g. book chapters, are listed in our annual report.

Category 1

  • Bachoc, F., Leeb, H., & Pötscher, B. (2019). Valid Confidence Intervals for Post-Model-Selection Predictors. Annals of Statistics47(No. 3), 1475-1504.
  • Bibinger, M., Hautsch, N., Malec, P., & Reiss, M. (2019). Estimating the Spot Covariation of Asset Prices—Statistical Theory and Empirical Evidence. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics37(3), 419-435.
  • Bomze, I., Mertikopoulos, P., Schachinger, W., & Staudigl, M. (2019). Hessian barrier algorithms for linearly constrained optimization problems. SIAM Journal on Optimization29(3), 2100–2127.
  • Bomze, I., Rinaldi, F., & Rota Bulò, S. (2019). First-order methods for the impatient: support identification in finite time with convergent Frank-Wolfe variants. SIAM Journal on Optimization, 29(3), 2100-2127.
  • Calzolari, G., Colliard, J-E., & Loranth, G. (2019). Multinational Banks and Supranational Supervision. The Review of Financial Studies32(8), 2997–3035.
  • Cooper, M. W., Brown, M. E., Hochrainer-Stigler, S., Pflug, G., McCallum, I., Fritz, S., Silva, J., & Zvoleff, A. (2019). Mapping the effects of drought on child stunting. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)116(35), 17219-17224.
  • Elsinger, H., Schmidt-Dengler, P., Zulehner, C. (2019). Competition in treasury auctions. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics11(1), 157-184.
  • Glanzer, M., Pflug, G., & Pichler, A. (2019). Incorporating statistical model error into the calculation of acceptability prices of contingent claims. Mathematical Programming174(1), 499-524.
  • Hautsch, N., & Horvath, A. (2019). How Effective Are Trading Pauses? Journal of Financial Economics, 378-403. [131].
  • Hautsch, N., & Voigt, S. (2019). Large-Scale Portfolio Allocation Under Transaction Costs and Model Uncertainty. Journal of  Econometrics, 221-240. [212].
  • Janssen, M., & Kasberger, B. (2019). On the clock of the combinatorial clock auctions. Theoretical Economics14(4), 1271-1308.
  • Kittel, B., Kalleitner, F., & Tsakloglou, P. (2019). The Transmission of Work Centrality within the Family in a Cross-Regional Perspective. American Academy of Political and Social Science. Annals682(1), 106-124.
  • Pflug, G., & Maggioni, F. (2019). Guaranteed Bounds for General Non-Discrete Multistage Risk-Averse Stochastic Optimization Programs. SIAM Journal on Optimization29(1), 454-483.
  • Seidl, A., Hartl, R., & Kort, P. M. (2019). A multi-stage optimal control approach of durable goods pricing and the launch of new product generations. Automatica, 106, 207-220.
  • Steinberger, L., Leeb, H. (2019). Prediction when fitting simple models to high-dimensional data. Annals of Statistics47(No. 3), 1408-1442.
  • Verwiebe, R., Kittel, B., Dellinger, F., Liebhart, C., Schiestl, D., Haindorfer, R., & Liedl, B. (2019). Finding your way into employment against all odds? Successful job search of refugees in Austria. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies45(9), 1401-1418.
  • Zhuk, S., & Schmalz, M. (2019). Revealing Downturns. The Review of Financial Studies32(1), 338-373.

Category 2

  • Amaral, P. A., & Bomze, I., (2019). Nonconvex min–max fractional quadratic problems under quadratic constraints: copositive relaxations. Journal of Global Optimization75(2), 227–245.
  • Benda, F., Braune, R., Dörner, K. F., & Hartl, R. (2019). A machine learning approach for flow shop scheduling problems with alternative resources, sequence-dependent setup times, and blocking. OR Spectrum, 41(4), 871-893.
  • Birghila, C., Pflug, G. (2019). Optimal XL-insurance under Wasserstein-type ambiguity. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics88, 30-43.
  • Braune, R. (2019). Lower bounds for a bin packing problem with linear usage cost. European Journal of Operational Research274(1), 49-64.
  • Breunig, U., Baldacci, R., Hartl, R. F., & Vidal, T. (2019). The electric two-echelon vehicle routing problem. Computers & Operations Research103, 198-210.
  • Carluccio, J., Cunat, A., Fadinger, H., & Fons-Rosen, C. (2019). Offshoring and skill-upgrading in French manufacturing. Journal of International Economics118, 138-159.
  • Corsetti, G., Mavroeidi, E., Thwaites, G., & Wolf, M. (2019). Step away from the zero lower bound: Small open economies in a world of secular stagnation. Journal of International Economics116, 88-102.
  • Dasgupta, P., Mitra, T., & Sorger, G. (2019). Harvesting the commons. Environmental and Resource Economics72(3), 613–636.
  • Dezsö, L., & Loewenstein, G. (2019). Self-serving invocations of shared and asymmetric history in negotiations. European Economic Review120, [103309].
  • Dias, L., & Vetschera, R. (2019). On generating utility functions in Stochastic Multicriteria Acceptability Analysis. European Journal of Operational Research, 278(2), 672-685.
  • Dockner, E. J., Hartl, R. F., & Kort, P. M. (2019). Dynamic capital structure choice and investment timing. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control102, 70-80.
  • Gouveia, L., Leitner, M., Ruthmair, M. (2019). Layered graph approaches for combinatorial optimization problems. Computers & Operations Research102, 22-38.
  • Hartl, R. F., Puchinger, J., Vidal, T., & Hiermann, G. (2019). Routing a mix of conventional, plug-in hybrid, and electric vehicles. European Journal of Operational Research272(1), 235-248.
  • Janssen, M., & Faber, R. (2019). On the Effects of Suggested Prices in Gasoline Markets. Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 121(2), 676-705.
  • Kardic-Maglajlic, S., Micevski, M., Lee, N., Boso, N., & Vida, I. (2019). Three Levels of Ethical Influences on Selling Behavior and Performance: Synergies and Tensions, Journal of Business Ethics, 156(2), 377-397.
  • Karagözoğlu, E., & Kocher, M. G. (2019). Bargaining under time pressure from deadlines. Experimental Economics, 22(2), 419–440.
  • Keck, S. (2019). Gender, leadership, and the display of empathic anger. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology92(4), 953-977.
  • Kocher, M. G., Schindler, D., Trautmann, S. T., & Xu, Y. (2019). Risk, time pressure, and selection effects. Experimental Economics22(1), 216–246.
  • Leitner, M., Ljubic, I., Riedler, M., & Ruthmair, M. (2019). Exact Approaches for Network Design Problems with Relays. INFORMS Journal on Computing31(1), 171-192.
  • Matl, P., Hartl, R., & Vidal, T. (2019). Workload equity in vehicle routing: The impact of alternative workload resources. Computers & Operations Research110, 116-129.
  • Nicola Naranjo, D. A., Vetschera, R., & Dragomir, A-G. (2019). Total distance approximations for routing solutions. Computers & Operations Research102, 67-74.
  • Pötscher, B., Leeb, H., Kivaranovic, D. (2019). Discussion of "Model Confidence Bounds for Variable Selection" by Yang Li, Yuetian Luo, Davide Ferrari, Xiaonan Hu, and Yichen Qin. Biometrics75(2), 407-410.
  • Preininger, J., Scarinci, T., & Veliov, V. M. (2019). Metric Regularity Properties in Bang-Bang Type Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control Problems. Set-Valued and Variational Analysis, 27(2), 381-404.
  • Riemer, F., & Janssen, M. (2019). On the effects of suggested prices in gasoline markets. The Scandinavian Journal of Economics121(2), 676-705.
  • Schaffhauser-Linzatti, M., Gryn, K., & Sherif, C. (2019). Economic Comparison Between Endovascular Coiling vs Neurosurgical Clipping for Ruptured and Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms in Austria. Neurosurgery84(5), E272-E273.
  • Schwaninger, M., Neuhofer, S., & Kittel, B. (2019). Offers Beyond the Negotiating Dyad: Including the Excluded in a Network Exchange Experiment. Social Science Research, 258-271. [79].
  • Seidl, A. (2019). Zeno points in optimal control models with endogenous regime switching. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control100, 353-368.
  • Shabbir, H. A., Maalouf, H., Griessmair, M., Colmekcioglu, N., & Akhtar, P. (2019). Exploring Perceptions of Advertising Ethics: An Informant-Derived Approach. Journal of Business Ethics159(3), 727–744.
  • Sonntag, A., & Zizzo, D. J. (2019). Personal accountability and cooperation in teams. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization158, 428-448.
  • Tiwisina, J., & Külpmann, P. (2019). Probabilistic transitivity in sports. Computers & Operations Research112, [104765].
  • Wirl, F. (2019). Incentivizing Energy Efficiency under Private Information: The Social Optimum. The Energy Journal, 40(6).
  • Wolf, M., Müller, G., & Kriwoluzky, A. (2019). Exit expectations and debt crises in currency unions. Journal of International Economics121.