The Faculty has defined two categories of top journals. Category 1 are the very top journals in a field (top 10% according to the Article Influence Score provided by ISI Web of Knowledge plus some complementary lists). Category 2 are the next best journals in a field (top 25%).

The Faculty Journal List (FJL) can be found here.

Below we list an excerpt of Category 1 and Category 2 publications published in 2020. Other publications, e.g. book chapters, are listed in this year's research achievements.

Category 1

  • Bachoc, F., Preinerstorfer, D., & Steinberger, L. (2020). Uniformly valid confidence intervals post-model-selection. Annals of Statistics, 48(1), 440-463.
  • Bomze, I., Rinaldi, F., & Zeffiro, D. (2020). Active Set Complexity of the Away-Step Frank-Wolfe Algorithm. SIAM Journal on Optimization, 30(3), 2470-2500.
  • Florio, A. M., Hartl, R., & Minner, S. (2020). New exact algorithm for the vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands. Transportation Science, 54(4), 1073-1090.
  • Gansterer, M., Hartl, R., & Savelsbergh, M. W. P. (2020). The value of information in auction-based carrier collaborations. International Journal of Production Economics, 221, [107485].
  • Groß, P.-O., Ehmke, J. F., & Mattfeld, D. C. (2020). Interval travel times for robust synchronization in city logistics vehicle routing. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 143, [102058].
  • Janssen, M., & Ke, T. T. (2020). Searching for service. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 12(1), 188-219.
  • Janssen, M., & Shelegia, S. (2020). Beliefs and consumer search in a vertical industry. Journal of the European Economic Association, 18(5), 2359-2393.
  • Kalleitner, F., Mühlböck, M., & Kittel, B. (2020). What’s the Benefit of a Video? The Effect of Nonmaterial Incentives on Response Rate and Bias in Web Surveys. Social Science Computer Review.
  • Keck, S., & Tang, W. (2020). Enhancing the Wisdom of the Crowd With Cognitive-Process Diversity: The Benefits of Aggregating Intuitive and Analytical Judgments. Psychological Science, 31(10), 1272-1282.
  • Kneip, A., Merz, M., & Storjohann, L. (2020). Aggregation and labor supply elasticities. Journal of the European Economic Association, 18(5), 2315-2358.
  • Mauring, E. (2020). Informational cycles in search markets. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 12(4), 170-192.
  • Rohde, A., & Steinberger, L. (2020). Geometrizing rates of convergence under local differential privacy constraints. Annals of Statistics, 48(5), 2646-2670.
  • Schumacher, C., Keck, S., & Tang, W. (2020). Biased interpretation of performance feedback: The role of CEO overconfidence. Strategic Management Journal, 41(6), 1139-1165.
  • Segura, A., & Zeng, J. (2020). Off-balance sheet funding, voluntary support and investment efficiency. Journal of Financial Economics, 137(1), 90-107.
  • Strobl, G., & Gervais, S. (2020). Transparency and Talent Allocation in Money Management. The Review of Financial Studies, 33(8), 3889-3924.
  • Wolf, M. (2020). Pecuniary externalities in economies with downward wage rigidity. Journal of Monetary Economics, 116, 219-235.

Category 2

  • Andersson, O., Holm, H., Tyran, J.-R., & Wengström, E. (2020). Risking Other People's Money: Experimental Evidence on the Role of Incentives and Personality Traits. Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 122(2), 648-674.
  • Borissov, K., & Kalk, A. (2020). Public debt, positional concerns, and wealth inequality. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 170, 96-111.
  • Carmona, G., & Podczeck, K. (2020). Pure strategy Nash equilibria of large finite-player games and their relationship to non-atomic games. Journal of Economic Theory, [105015].
  • Castillo, G. (2020). The attraction effect and its explanations. Games and Economic Behavior, 119, 123-147.
  • Chenavaz, R. Y., Feichtinger, G., Hartl, R., & Kort, P. M. (2020). Modeling the impact of product quality on dynamic pricing and advertising policies. European Journal of Operational Research, 284(3), 990-1001.
  • Cuchiero, C., & Teichmann, J. (2020). Generalized Feller processes and Markovian lifts of stochastic Volterra processes: the affine case. Journal of Evolution Equations, 20, 1301-1348.
  • Cuchiero, C., Klein, I., & Teichmann, J. (2020). A Fundamental Theorem of Asset Pricing for Continuous Time Large Financial Markets in a Two Filtration Setting. Theory of Probability and Its Applications, 65(3), 388-404.
  • Dragomir, A.-G., & Dörner, K. F. (2020). Solution techniques for the inter-modal pickup and delivery problem in two regions. Computers & Operations Research, 113, [104808].
  • Drobetz, W., Mussbach, E., & Westheide, C. (2020). Corporate insider trading and return skewness. Journal of Corporate Finance, 60, [101485].
  • Florio, A. M., Hartl, R., & Minner, S. (2020). Optimal a priori tour and restocking policy for the single-vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands. European Journal of Operational Research, 285(1), 172-182.
  • Fröhlich, G. E. A., Dörner, K. F., & Gansterer, M. (2020). Secure and efficient routing on nodes, edges, and arcs on simple- and multi-graphs. Networks (New York), 76(4), 431-450.
  • Gansterer, M., Hartl, R., & Sörensen, K. (2020). Pushing frontiers in auction-based transport collaborations. Omega, 94, [102042].
  • Glanzer, M., & Pflug, G. (2020). Multiscale stochastic optimization: modeling aspects and scenario generation. Computational Optimization and Applications, (75), 1-34.
  • Gugler, K., Weichselbaumer, M., & Zulehner, C. (2020). Employment behavior and the economic crisis: Evidence from winners and runners-up in procurement auctions. Journal of Public Economics, 182, [104112].
  • Gutjahr, W., Noyan, N., Vandaele, N., & Van Wassenhove, L. N. (2020). Innovative approaches in humanitarian operations. OR Spectrum, 42, 585-589.
  • Hautsch, N., & Herrera Leiva, R. (2020). Multivariate Dynamic Intensity Peaks-Over-Threshold Models. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 35(2), 248-272.
  • Hoffmann, R., Kittel, B., & Larsen, M. (2020). Information exchange in laboratory markets: competition, transfer costs, and the emergence of reputation. Experimental Economics.
  • Janssen, M. (2020). Vertical contracts in search markets. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 70, [102527].
  • Köhler, C., Ehmke, J. F., & Campbell, A. M. (2020). Flexible time window management for attended home deliveries. Omega (United Kingdom), 91, [102023].
  • Lehuédé, F., Péton, O., & Tricoire, F. (2020). A lexicographic minimax approach to the vehicle routing problem with route balancing. European Journal of Operational Research, 282(1), 129-147.
  • Leitner, M., Ljubic, I., Riedler, M., & Ruthmair, M. (2020). Exact approaches for the directed network design problem with relays. Omega, 91, [102005].
  • Martin, S., & Schlag, K. (2020). Split it up to create incentives: Investment, public goods and crossing the river. Journal of Economic Theory, 189, 105092.
  • Morchio, I. (2020). Work Histories and Lifetime Unemployment. International Economic Review, 61(1), 321-350.
  • Niemann, S., & Pichler, P. (2020). Optimal fiscal policy and sovereign debt crises. Review of Economic Dynamics, 37, 234-254.
  • Pennerstorfer, D., Schmidt-Dengler, P., Schutz, N., Weiss, C., & Yontcheva, B. (2020). Information and price dispersion: Theory and Evidence. International Economic Review, 871-899.
  • Ratzenboeck, S., Meingast, S., Alves, J., Moeller, T., & Bomze, I. (2020). Extended stellar systems in the solar neighborhood IV. Meingast 1: the most massive stellar stream in the solar neighborhood. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 639, [A64].
  • Reschenhofer, E., Mangat, M., & Stark, T. (2020). Volatility forecasts, proxies and loss functions. Journal of Empirical Finance, 59, 133-153.
  • Sarasola, B., & Dörner, K. F. (2020). Adaptive large neighborhood search for the vehicle routing problem with synchronization constraints at the delivery location. Networks (New York), 75(1), 64-85.
  • Schmaranzer, D., Braune, R., & Dörner, K. F. (2020). Population-based simulation optimization for urban mass rapid transit networks. Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, 32(4), 767-805.
  • Soriano, A., Thibaut, V., Gansterer, M., & Dörner, K. F. (2020). The vehicle routing problem with arrival time diversification on a multigraph. European Journal of Operational Research, 286(2), 564-575.
  • Theissen, E., & Westheide, C. (2020). Call of Duty: Designated Market Maker Participation in Call Auctions. Journal of Financial Markets, 49, [100530].