Internal Funding

Small Research Grant Programme

Via the Small Research Grants Program the Faculty provides funding to initiate and to support high quality research projects. The program aims to address our early carrier researchers. Pre-docs, post-docs and tenure tracks (before the qualification agreement is finalised), who are currently employed at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics, are eligible to apply for a Small Research Grant. Any activity fostering excellent research at our faculty is eligible for support. Examples are data acquisition, support for experimental studies or qualitative research, as well as travel expenses for research stays. Conference participation, on the other hand, is usually not funded by a Small Research Grant. The name of the programme already indicates that small grants of up to € 2000 are awarded.

In addition, it is possible to apply for start-up funding for a third-party funding application as part of the Small Research Grants Program. This option is open to all members of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics, provided they have a current employment contract at our faculty. In this case, the funding amount may exceed € 2000.

The funding must be used within two years, otherwise the funds will revert to the faculty. If the funds are required beyond this period, a written application must be submitted by email.

Application Procedure

The application procedure is fast and simple: send an e-mail to with a letter explaining why you think the Faculty’s money is well spent on your research project. Justify your request in reasonable detail. For example, if you propose inviting a co-author to work on a joint project, briefly describe the project and explain the additional benefits of having the person over rather than interacting with her through skype (e.g. the visitor will also hold a research seminar). If you ask for support for an experiment, submit a sketch of the experimental design and the hypotheses. Report on co-funding you may have or where you tried to obtain such funding. In any case, make sure to provide a detailed description of costs.

Please use the application form below and send it to Please completely fill out the form and refrain from attachments. Only applications using the form will be accepted.

Application Form SRG

Decisions on small research grants are made at the meetings of the Faculty Management Unit Research.