Dean's Office

The dean's office is the organizational and administrative centre of the faculty. Its staff supports the faculty board with a variety of tasks, including research, teaching and public relations as well as personnel, budget and resource management.

+43-1-4277-370 01


Dr. Kurt Kinast MBA


Managing Director

Head of the Dean's Office




Mag. Andrea Danek 


Deputy Head of Dean's office

Budget and Personnel

Habilitation committees

Appointment committees

Job advertisements

Karin Kindl


Professor teaching positions

Guest professors

Student assistance

Adjunct faculty


Maria Kiss


Personnel administration

Room management


Tue, Thu


Mag. Anita Schraffl, BSc MSc


Media portal


Graphic design

Advertising media


Mag. Ann-Marie Stark, BA


Press relations

Media portal


Event organisation


Vera Stelzer, BSc MSc


Research service and project support

Graduate program

Event organisation

Class of Excellence

Mag. Caroline Tomanik 


On maternity leave





Mag. Magdalena L. Hazler 


Currently not available






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