PhD - Public presentation (FÖP)

According to the Statutes, the topic of the doctoral thesis has to be approved by the directorate of studies within the first year. The approval is based on the research proposal and its public presentation. The public presentation serves a twofold purpose. Firstly, new doctoral candidates and their research topics are introduced to the faculty. Secondly, the presentation is supposed to offer all attendants a platform for exchange and feedback.

The public presentation is chaired by the directorate of studies and attended by members of the doctoral advisory board of your faculty. They will provide feedback to the research projects and evaluate whether the projects meets the scientific standards and if they can be realized successfully in a reasonable timeframe.

Please note that the public presentation of the doctoral thesis project is the precondition for the approval of the topic. If your presentation was successful, your topic and the supervisor(s) usually get approved by the directorate of studies right after the presentation. If your topic is not approved you have the possibility to recall your application, adapt your research proposal and reapply for the approval of your topic.


Conditions associated with admission must be fulfilled by the students before the public presentation (FÖP) within 2 semesters. According to the Statutes, the research project has to be presented within the first year of studies.

How to register?

Please contact at the beginning of the semester if you have any questions or need help. For the public presentation the following documents need to be submitted via e-mail to two weeks prior to the presentation at the very latest:

Please note that late and/or incomplete registrations will not be accepted.


Upcmoing presentation dates

Research Proposal

Dimensions of your proposal should not exceed the extent of ten pages (European A4 size with 15,000 to 20,000 characters). A research proposal has to include the following information:

  • description of the topic of the doctoral thesis project including a clear research question
  • outline of the state of research
  • illustration of the chosen research methods
  • relevant literature
  • choice of supervisors
  • time and work schedule, possibly financial budget and overview of resources

For the Economics programme, the guidelines for the research proposal can be found in our download center.


Dates for the current semester will be announced here. Should you wish to have to have your public presention, please talk to your supervisor and contact the respective doctoral advisory board.

PhD Business Analytics, Logistics and Operations Research
  • Monday, 15.04.2024, 15:00-17:00h, on site
PhD Management
  • Wednesday, 24.01.2024, 10:00-13:00h, on site
PhD Statistics and OR
  • Monday, 29.01.2023, 16:45-17:45, on site



Presentations in the programmes Business and Law as well as Finance: upon request only.