PhD - Checklist submission

Assignment of the reviewers

  1. Suggest three experts for the assessment and contact the persons concerned in advance
  2. Submit form and abstract to the SSC; for external reviewers, include CV and list of publications
  3. NOTE: Assessment takes up to 4 months!

Submission of the thesis

  1. Before completing the thesis, please read the explanations on the PhD cover sheet!
  2. Submit the electronic version via
  3. NOTE: In case of a blocking request, please also submit the form "Blockage of the doctoral thesis"
  4. Sign the upload confirmation and send it via email to the SSC (
  5. Submit the printed version via SSC
    • 3 copies - due to Covid via porter at OMP or by mail
    • Hardcover, black
  6. Submit defensio registration form to SSC two weeks before scheduled date
    (for chair please contact DSPL first)