General Information - Course Registration and Allocation of Available Places

How does course registration work?

Registration for courses or exams is only possible within the registration period for courses or within the registration period for exams. A valid u:account is required for course registration via u:space. This account must be reactivated every semester.

The registration system follows a system of points. 1000 points are available to each student, which can be used for courses with continuous assessment. Registration for courses with non-continuous assessment does not follow this system of points.

You can enter the registration system either via u:space or via the course catalogue u:find.

You have to assign every course to the appropriate module, indicating for which module point in your degree programme you would like to use this course. It is important that you assign the courses correctly. The system will then recognise if you have to fulfil any requirements for this course. If you encounter any problems in the process, please contact the studies service center.

Example: You are currently in your second semester and have selected the course “VO ABWL Production and Logistics I”. You need this course for the core phase of the bachelor’s programme in (International) Business Administration and should therefore select this module in u:space.

Try to avoid changing courses or groups at the last minute before the registration period ends. Otherwise, we cannot assume responsibility for a successful pre-registration.

Explanation of terms for the respective status during the registration period.

Video: Course Registration

Prerequisites for registration

You have to meet all the necessary requirements according to the curriculum of your degree programme to be able to register for courses.

The registration system u:space supports you electronically in checking the prerequisites for registration. However, errors may occur during registration for different reasons. If you registered for a course by mistake, even though you do not meet the necessary requirements according to the curriculum, you are not entitled to attend the course. Please refer to the curriculum of your degree programme for information about the different prerequisites.

As a general rule for all bachelor’s programmes, you have to complete the introductory and orientation period (STEOP) before you can register for any other courses.

Allocation of available places with points

At the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics, the allocation of available places for courses with continuous assessment follows a system of points. You have 1000 points available, which can be placed on courses.

Supply and demand determine the allocation of places. The points allocated to courses reflect students’ preferences for a particular course. 

This means: The more points you allocate to a course, the more likely you are to get a place.

Preference points for groups

When registering for courses with several groups, you have the option of setting preferences in addition to allocating points. You can rank the courses according to your preference. This means that you place your favourite course first, the one that also suits you second and so on.

After the end of the registration period, the places will be allocated. The system will try to enable participation in the course of highest preference. If more students have chosen the course as their primary preference than there are free places, the second preference will be considered, and so on.

Due to this system an average of 98% of all students receive a place in a suitable course.

Prioritising certain groups of students

Courses that are highly booked according to experience are first allocated to students of the faculty or students of certain curricula. If you do not belong to this student group, you will be placed on the waiting list after allocation. After the registration period has expired, however, you can be admitted to the course according to the availability of places. To do so, please contact the secretary's office in the department or the lecturer.

Transferring points from the previous semester

If you are on the waiting list for a certain course (status “Warteliste” (on waiting list) or “Warteliste abgelaufen” (waiting list expired)), the points allocated to this course will be automatically credited to the same course if you try to register for it again in the next semester. The points from the previous semester are then added to the newly assigned points. 

You cannot use points transferred from the previous semester to register for any other courses. They appear in the box “Punkte aus dem Vorsemester” (points from the previous semester) for your information.

Registration problems

We advise you to register for courses or exams via u:find or u:space at the beginning of the registration period. If a problem occurs, please write an e-mail immediately from u:account to the StudiesServiceCenter ( Registration problems cannot be solved on the phone or in a personal conversation. Indicate the course with its number or the examination with the date of the examination and describe the error message you receive when trying to register. Please make sure that the data set for the courses until the error message occurs is saved in u:space. This way, we can access your data set faster and help you.

All e-mails that reach us before the end of the registration period will be taken into account in any case.

A common problem causing error messages to pop up is a missing recognition or a module point (curriculum point) that was assigned incorrectly. Please check whether the module points of your completed courses are accurate. A look at your structured transcript of records can help.

Deregistration from courses and exams

There is a deregistration deadline for courses and exams. You can deregister from courses within the deadline via u:space using the button “Abmelden” (deregister) next to the relevant course. If you do not deregister within this period but do not want to take the course or exam, the following will happen:

  • For courses with continuous examinations: If you have never attended the course, you will be deregistered after the first unit. However, if you have already attended the first unit, you will be assessed negatively.
  • For exams: If you do not deregister from lecture examinations within the deregistration period, you will be barred from taking the next examination.

Deregistration after the deadline can only take place as a gesture of goodwill with the permission of the lecturer. Please contact the respective secretary's office in the department. The StudiesServiceCenter is not permitted to deregister students.