General Information - Change in record of examination

Please request the change(s) in your record of examination via Servicedesk under "Change in record of examination": HERE

In any case following information has to be provided/uploaded:

  • course number (incl. semester in which the course was completed)
  • course name
  • current module
  • intended module

IMPORTANT: the StudyServiceCenter changes the module only under the condition that the following requirements are met:

  • The course is stated in the respective module in the curriculum of the study program. Please check the module in the curriculum and the module in u:find up front!
  • If the description of the module in the curriculum mentiones that an approval from the directorate of studies (SPL) is needed, the approval (e.g. email) has to be uploaded in the attachment in the Servicedesk as well.
  • The admission to the study program has to be active.
  • The module of the course/exam should be changed within the study program.
  • The exam grade has to be positive. Modules of courses with negative grades can't be changed.

If you want to use a course of another study program for your studies at our faculty you have to apply for recongnition. Details, a guideline & the link concerning recognitions you can find HERE.