Bachelor - Admission

Admission procedure

The admission procedure applies to all degree programmes at the University of Vienna. You can apply for admission at the Admission Office, located in the Main Building of the University of Vienna (Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna). The Student Point employees will provide advice if you apply for admission to a degree programme for the first time or if you would like to transfer to another degree programme (provided that you are already enrolled at the University of Vienna).

In order to apply for admission to the bachelor’s programmes in Business Administration, International Business Administration and Economics, you first have to successfully complete the aptitude test or entrance examination/application procedure and meet all the requirements for admission to a bachelor’s programme at the University of Vienna.

For the bachelor’s programme in Statistics you do not have to sit any entrance examinations or aptitude tests. You can therefore apply for admission within the general admission period at the Admission Office.

Further information about the most important deadlines and a list of all documents needed for admission is available at the website of Teaching Affairs and Student Services under "Studying".

Entrance examinations

The Austrian law requires students of the bachelor’s programmes in Business Administration, International Business Administration and Economics to take entrance examinations. The aim of these entrance examinations is to guarantee that the number of new entrants corresponds with the University’s personnel and spatial resources.

Further information and deadlines are available at Degree programmes with entrance exam procedure.

The procedure comprises the following four steps:

  1. Online registration
  2. Online self-assessment test
  3. Written entrance examination
  4. Admission

The written entrance examination only takes place if the number of people who registered online exceeds the number of available study places.

Successfully completing the entrance examination procedure does NOT substitute the general admission procedure. You still have to submit all the necessary documents within the registration period to the Admission Office.

Cross-entry from other fields of study

If you decide to change to our Bachelor's programme BW or IBW, please inform yourself at the Teaching Affairs and Study Services about the steps for admission.

If you have already completed achievements in the other degree programme, it would be possible to have these achievements recognised up to an extent of 15 ECTS in the alternative extension.