Brief description


Degree programme code: 066 915
Degree programme: Master's programme
Degree programme duration: 4 semesters
Workload: 120 ECTS credits
Degree: Master of Science (MSc)
Language of instruction: German/English
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Application procedure:

Programme outcomes

Students of the master’s programme in Business Administration learn about methods and instruments of the discipline of economics. In addition, they will familiarise themselves with related disciplines such as business law, economic sociology, business informatics, economics and statistics. Graduates of the programme will be able to solve management problems independently and to apply the methodological competences taught in order to solve economic problems.

The master’s programme in Business Administration offers the possibility of choosing a specialisation of 80 ETCS credits from different subject areas, thereby enabling students to adjust the degree programme to their individual needs and personal career aspirations.

Fields of activity

Graduates of the master’s programme in Business Administration will be able to take up executive positions in business companies or to work as specialised experts in the corresponding economic departments of companies (marketing, production, logistics, purchasing and sales, accounting, controlling, etc.). Moreover, they possess the necessary skills to work as independent business experts or consultants.

A variety of methodological and management competences will be imparted in the course of the degree programme, enabling graduates to grasp and solve problems in related disciplines. In addition, the programme is application-oriented, thereby preparing students for the conditions of the labour market.


Introductory period
ECTS credits required: 8
ECTS credits
Betriebswirtschaftliche Inhalte
(Economic contents)
(Methodological competences)
Specialisation period
ECTS credits required: 80

Choice of majors (= main specialisation with 40 ETCS credits each) and minors (= secondary specialisation with 20 ETCS credits each).

Students can choose from a variety of specialisation courses offered.

● 2 Majors (2 x 40 ECTS credits = 80 ECTS credits) or

● 1 Major plus 2 Minors (40 ECTS credits + 2 x 20 ECTS credits = 80 ECTS credits)

Elective courses/Practical courses
ECTS credits required: 8
ECTS credits
Depending on their personal preferences, students can choose courses offered in the course directory of the relevant directorate of studies of the University of Vienna.

Elective courses/Practical courses

Master's thesis module
ECTS credits required: 24
ECTS credits
Students can choose a master’s thesis seminar offered by the Faculty. As part of this seminar, the master’s thesis is drafted, supervised and presented in an intermediate state.
(Master’s thesis seminar)
Master’s Thesis20

(Master’s Examination)


 Curriculum/Study Plan

For all legal regulations and a detailed description of the structure of this degree programme, please refer to the curriculum.

Personal requirements

The master’s programme in Business Administration addresses students who have already graduated from a bachelor’s or diploma programme in the field of  business and economics, but also graduates of other bachelor’s and diploma programmes with a focus on economics who wish to broaden their knowledge in the field of business administration.


Information about the admission are available on the website of the Admissions Office.

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