Visiting Student Status

Students who do not participate in exchange programmes, have the following options to spend a semester at the University of Vienna:

Visiting Master Status

If you intend to spend one semester of your master's degree programme at the University of Vienna, you can apply for admission to the master's degree programme as "visiting master“.

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Bear in mind that

  • you can participate in a course only if sufficient places are available;
  • you are admitted to the University of Vienna for only one semester;
  • you have to organize and manage any bureaucratic matters such as your visa, residency permit, living and travel expenses, accommodations, insurance etc. on your own; and
  • you have to pay the tuition fee according to your citizenship.

Visiting PhD Status

The University of Vienna welcomes visiting PhD-Students from all over the world. This is a non-degree seeking programme for PhD candidates coming to Vienna for a research stay. Visiting PhD-Students have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of activities (lectures, seminars…) at the University of Vienna. As a visiting PhD-Student, you are enrolled at the University of Vienna and can stay up to one year. It is not possible to receive a degree at the University of Vienna.

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