Unsere Fakultät unterscheidet zwei Kategorien von führenden Fachzeitschriften. In Kategorie 1 finden sich die am höchsten gereihten Fachzeitschriften im entsprechenden Fachgebiet (Top 10% nach dem Article Influence Score lt. ISI Web of Knowledge und anderen ergänzenden Auflistungen).

Kategorie 2 enthält Publikationen der nächstgereihten Fachzeitschriften im entsprechenden Fachgebiet (Top 25%).

Die Faculty Journal List (FJL), welche im Downloadbereich der Fakultät zu finden ist, gibt Auskunft darüber welche Fachzeitschrift welcher Kategorie zugeordnet ist.

Nachstehend finden Sie einen Auszug aktueller Publikationen in Kategorie 1 und 2. Eine vollständige Übersicht über alle Publikationen unserer Fakultät aus dem Jahr 2017 ist in unserem Forschungsbericht 2017 aufgelistet.

Kategorie 1

  • Bollen, K. A., & Diamantopoulos, A. (2017). In Defense of Causal-Formative Indicators: A Minority Report. Psychological Methods, 22(3), 581-596.
  • Bollen, K. A., & Diamantopoulos, A. (2017). Notes on Measurement Theory for Causal-Formative Indicators: A Reply to Hardin. Psychological Methods, 22(3), 605-608.
  • Bomze, I., Cheng, J., Dickinson, P. J. C., & Lisser, A. (2017). A fresh CP look at mixed-binary QPs: new formulations and relaxations. Mathematical Programming, 126(1-2), 159-184.
  • Brandstätter, G., Kahr, M., & Leitner, M. (2017). Determining optimal locations for charging stations of electric car-sharing systems under stochastic demand. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 104, 17-35.
  • Diamantopoulos, A., Florack, A., Halkias, G., & Palcu, J. (2017). Explicit versus Implicit Country Stereotypes as Predictors of Product Preferences: Insights from the Stereotype Content Model. Journal of International Business Studies, 48(8), 1023-1036.
  • Garcia, D., Janssen, M. & Honda, J. (2017). The Double Diamond Paradox. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 9 (3), 63-99.
  • Gineikiené, J., & Diamantopoulos, A. (2017). I Hate Where It Comes From But I Still Buy It: Countervailing Influences of Animosity and Nostalgia. Journal of International Business Studies, 48(8), 992-1008.
  • Kolm, J., Laux, C., & Loranth, G. (2017). Bank Regulation, CEO Compensation, and Boards. Review of Finance: the journal of the European Finance Association, 1901–1932.
  • Mauring, E. (2017). Learning from trades. The Economic Journal, 127(601), 827-872.
  • Niemann, S., & Pichler, P. (2017). Collateral, liquidity and debt sustainability. The Economic Journal, 127(604), 2093-2126.
  • Pfeiffer, T., Johnson, N. B. & Schneider, G. (2017). Two-stage capital budgeting, capital charge rates, and resource constraints. Review of Accounting Studies, 22 (2), 933-963.
  • Pötscher, B. & Preinerstorfer, D. (2017). On the Power of Invariant Tests for Hypotheses on a Covariance Matrix. Econometric Theory, 33, 1-68.
  • Parragh, S. & Tricoire, F. (2017). Investing in logistics facilities today to reduce routing emissions tomorrow. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 103, 56-67.

Kategorie 2

  • Álvarez-Miranda, E. & Sinnl, M. (2017). A Relax-and-Cut Framework for Large-Scale Maximum Weight Connected Subgraph Problems. Computers & Operations Research, 87, 63-82.
  • Arslanagic-Kalajdzic, M., Kadić-Maglajlić, S., Micevski, M., Michaelidou, N., & Nemkova, E. (2017). Controversial Advert Perceptions in SNS Advertising: The Role of Ethical Judgement and Religious Commitment. Journal of Business Ethics, 141(2), 249-265.
  • Bomze, I., Borgonovo, E., Laengle, S. M. A., Merigó, J. M., Miranda, J., Słowiński, R. & Teunter, R. (2017). Forty years of the European Journal of Operational Research: A bibliometric overview. European Journal of Operational Research, 262(3), 803-816.
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  • Engin, A., & Vetschera, R. (2017). Information representation in decision making: The impact of cognitive style and depletion effects. Decision Support Systems, 103, 94-103.
  • Feichtinger, G., Prskawetz, A., Seidl, A., Simon, C., & Wrzaczek, S. (2017). A bifurcation analysis of gender equality and fertility. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 27(5), 1221-1243.
  • Gansterer, M., Hartl, R. & Kücüktepe, M. (2017). The multi-vehicle profitable pickup and delivery problem. OR Spectrum: quantitative approaches in management, 39(1), 303-319.
  • Gouveia, L., & Leitner, M. (2017). Design of Survivable Networks with Vulnerability Constraints. European Journal of Operational Research, 258(1), 89-103.
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  • Mühlböck, M., & Yordanova, N. (2017). When legislators choose not to decide: Abstentions in the European Parliament. European Union Politics, 18(2), 323-336.
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