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Degree programme code: 794 370 146
Degree programme duration: 6 semesters
Degree: PhD
Language of instruction: German/English
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Programme outcomes

The PhD programme in Management prepares students for an academic career in the field of business administration.

The structured courses provide students with a sound academic education at international level and enable graduates to conduct successful research in business administration independently and according to international standards.

Students of the PhD programme are involved in the research-oriented and international environment at the Faculty from the beginning of their studies onwards. It allows them to get in contact with leading researchers from the field of business administration working at the Faculty or with guest professors visiting the Faculty. This way, students are able to familiarise themselves with the current state of research in business administration and contribute to it with their own publications already during their studies.

Fields of activity

A PhD programme serves as a preparation for a career in research in the academic environment of a university or other research institution. The profound methodological education provided by the PhD programme in Management enables graduates to analyse complex problems from different fields using modern scientific methods.


For all legal regulations and a detailed description of the structure of this degree programme, please refer to the framework curriculum (Rahmencurriculum) and the degree specific curriculum.

Core Programme
ECTS credits required: 50
ECTS credits
Philosophy of Science10
Management Decision Making (MDM)10

3 of the following courses:

Advanced Optimisation (AO)
Experimental and Simulation Methods
  (prerequisite is the positive completion of the following courses: MDM, MBS)
Management Control
  (prerequisite is the positive completion of the following courses: MDM, AO)
Multivariate Business Statistics (MBS)
Qualitative Research Methods
Structural Equations Modelling
  (prerequisite is the positive completion of the following courses: MDM, MBS)

Elective programme
ECTS credits required: 20
(prerequisite is the positive completion of the following courses: MDM, MBS/AO)
ECTS credits
Doctoral course 110
Doctoral course 210
The Directorate of Studies has to approve of the courses selected. Students may also propose courses that they did not select from the core programme or courses from related disciplines (e.g. economics, statistics).

In addition, students of the doctoral programme have to:
submit an application for approval of the intended doctoral project (within the first year after admission to the degree programme);
give a public presentation of the intended doctoral project at the Faculty;
submit a progress report to the doctoral advisory board in regular intervals of at least once a year;
write the doctoral thesis;
complete the public defence.

Doctoral advisory board:

  • o.Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Richard Hartl
  • Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Chem. Dr. Markus Georg Reitzig
  • o.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Franz Wirl

Approval of the intended doctoral project: The application for the approval of the intended doctoral project has to be submitted within the first year of studies to the competent body responsible for study matters including a confirmation of supervision, a research proposal, a time schedule and a list of resources needed. Students have to present the intended doctoral project in the course of the research seminar. If the intended doctoral project is part of a research project that has already been approved externally, the competent body responsible for study matters may approve the doctoral project prior to the presentation at the Faculty.

Doctoral thesis agreement: The doctoral candidate and his/her supervisor have to conclude a doctoral thesis agreement comprising the name of the student, the student ID number and date of birth, the name of the thesis supervisor, the topic of the doctoral thesis, the research proposal, a time schedule, key information about the extent of supervision (particularly about the frequency of the scheduled feedback meetings between supervisor and student) and the declaration of commitment of the doctoral candidate to abide by the rules and regulations of good academic practice.

Doctoral thesis: We encourage the publication of partial results of the doctoral project in academic journals and their presentation at academic conferences prior to the submission of the doctoral thesis.

Public defence: Following the positive assessment of all subjects of examination and of the doctoral thesis, the doctoral candidate has to defend his/her doctoral project in the final oral examination in front of an examination committee.

Personal requirements

The PhD programme in Management has a strong quantitative emphasis. The courses of the core programme enable students to specialise in analytical or quantitative-empirical methods.
Therefore, analytical thinking is helpful in completing the courses. A substantial part of the PhD programme is based on independent research. Therefore, the motivation to discover something new is an important factor for successfully completing this programme.


Information about the admission are available on the website of the StudiesServiceCenter.

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