About us

Economic scholarship has a proud tradition of more than 250 years at the University of Vienna. The Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics has, in the course of time, grown to be one of the most renowned research and educational institutions in Europe. This standing has been achieved because we are open to new developments, as stated in the current motto of the University.

The main responsibilities of the Faculty have traditionally been teaching and research. These tasks will remain our main focus, but the Faculty has recently espoused a third mission, that is, to influence society. It does so, for example, by transferring knowledge to society, by providing expert advice and opinion, and by engaging in dialogue with our various and diverse stakeholders. 

Excellence in research is the basis of our high-quality teaching in business administration, international business, economics, finance, and statistics. We provide our approximately 4000 students with the opportunity to work with distinguished researchers already early on during their studies. Excellence in research also forms the basis for exchange with alumni as well as for discussions with our stakeholders in the economy, society and state.

Jean-Robert Tyran
Dean (until 01/2018)