Teaching Award "Didaktikus"

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics has been awarding teaching award "Didaktikus" during the faculty’s Welcome Days since summer semester 2017.

This teaching award is meant to promote young scholars and researchers and is awarded to prae-docs, post-docs and other non-tenured personnel with at least 50% employment.

The categories for the teaching award are: “bachelor studies” and “master studies” for courses with continued assessment with at least 15 participants during winter and summer semesters. For each category and semester more than one awardee can be nominated but can only be awarded once to the same person within a five year cycle.

Applications can be submitted by all course lecturer personally using the form as well as by the student representatives to spl.wiwi@univie.ac.at.

The course evaluation (average grade 2 at worst for bachelor courses and 1.5 for master courses) must be sent in with the submission form. A course evaluation may be requested from the quality assurance at any time during the semester.

Further assessment criteria – feedback, innovation and use of media, course material, research-led contents or topicality – may also be used by the selection committee. The committee is made up of the directors of the study programmes and the appointed members of the study conference.