The next election will take place from May 16 to May 18, 2017.
Every student has the right to take part in the election in their institution, including Erasmus students. The election is organised by ÖH members.

To vote you must present a valid student ID. 

Election results 2015

Federal Respresentation

AktionsGemeinschaft 26,74 %
GRAS 20,06 %
VSStÖ 14,95 %
FLÖ 12,67 %
JUNOS 11,19 %
Alle weitere Fraktionen weniger als 10 %
The Executive is made up of GRAS, VSStÖ, FLÖ and FEST.

University Respresentation

AG 25,03%
VSStÖ 24,33%
GRAS 23,11%
JUNOS 11,23%
The Executive of the University Representation is made up ofVSStÖ, GRAS and KSV-LiLi.