Students who have Covid-19

Should sooner or later cases of infection, quarantine or need for child care occur among students of the University of Vienna due to school closures, the deviating examination methods and adaptations that have proven to be effective for students with disabilities can be a solution.

the whole year

Active students with chronic illness are affected by additional infectious diseases if:

  • they themselves are absent due to more frequent sickness and have to compensate for absences
  • they don't know that in case of illness one can be excused and in bad health one does not have to go to university

Passive students with chronic illness are affected if:

  • other students/teachers etc. go to the university cold/sick and endanger them
  • germs are spread via air conditioning, door handles, table tops, etc.
  • people do not seriously consider hygiene measures: e.g. do not wash your hands after sneezing/blowing, or instead of coughing/snowing in the elbows or in a handkerchief, do so in the palm of your hand and then touch door handles and other surfaces

In both cases the following applies: Both in case of high risk and in acute cases of illness no one should come to an LV or examination.

How the University of Vienna can support you

For all target groups impaired by Covid-19, teachers can use different examination methods for students with disabilities.

Students who have always used different examination methods can do so even under the changed examination conditions (e.g. online examinations). For example, an individual exam time extension in Moodle can be realised by creating two separate tests, one of which has a later end time.


In addition, various technical means can be used.

If you are having problems entering Austria

If you are abroad and have problems entering Austria due to Covid-19 we recommend the following steps:


  • Some courses take place soley digitally. Try to plan your semester primarily with these courses. These courses are marked in U:find with the note Digital in the date announcement.


  • Some courses offer hybrid teaching models, which sometimes require physical presence in the lecture hall. In individual cases, such an appointments can also be attended digitally. Please contact the respective course instructors.