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As a new student you probably have a lot of questions about what the winter semester 2020 will look like under Covid-19.

It is now becoming increasingly clear that in the coming academic year 20/21 a return to the usual lecture schedule will not be possible. The University of Vienna explicitly assumes (at least) one more "corona semester" and plans to allocate lecture halls centrally for the entire university.

In principle, the University of Vienna will base its planning for teaching operations from October onwards on the regulations currently applicable in Austria for the organisation of events (e.g. theatre, congresses, further education: www.ris.bka.gv.at/GeltendeFassung.wxe

The faculty management is in agreement that the opportunities for face-to-face teaching should continue to be used as far as possible and sensible. However, the possibilities for face-to-face teaching are subject to the clear primacy of distance and hygiene rules which must be fulfilled. This means in particular that the lecture halls can only be filled to a capacity of 33%-50%. 

Nevertheless, the aim is to make the best possible use of the available room capacities for presence teaching under the given restrictions. Against this background, there will be 3 different ways of teaching in the winter semester: 

Classroom teaching - as far as possible for virological reasons

Digital teaching - online and/or offline

Hybrid forms

What do you need for a successful semester under Covid-19?

  • It will be necessary to follow part of the teaching digitally, so we advise you to equip yourself digitally (laptop/tablet/smartphone, battery pack, headset, sufficient data volume at home...)
  • There will be little space in the student areas/reading rooms, so we advise you to set up a comfortable workplace at home
  • MNS and disinfectants should always be taken with you when you come to the university
  • You are obliged to register regularly for the courses at the beginning of the semester. For large lectures there will be a booking system for the individual dates to avoid large crowds of people. Details will follow shortly. 
  • In the interest of fairness towards colleagues, you also have the duty to cancel courses or individual units in a timely manner.
  • As members of a risk group, they should clarify their needs with the teachers/SPL in good time. Details can be found here


Informationen zur Abhaltung der Steop finden Sie hier:

Bachelor BW/IBW/VWL

Bachelor Statistik


At the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration you have to register for all courses you would like to take during a registration period. 

When this registration phase takes place and how the registration system works can be found here

Please read this information in detail. Subsequent registration for courses that are part of the examination is not possible.