Graduation from a master's programme

Applying for graduation

When you fulfil all of the following requirements, you can apply for graduation from the master’s programme by filling in the necessary form.

  • Successful completion of all compulsory and compulsory elective courses of the relevant curriculum
  • Submission of the positively assessed master’s thesis
  • Successful completion of the public defence

If you would like to apply for graduation, please select the relevant application form of your degree programme from the list in the download center and e-mail the completed form to the StudiesServiceCenter (


Master’s programme in Business Administration/International Business Administration


Students enrolled on the master’s programmes in Business Administration and International Business Administration (version: 2016) have to complete a final examination before an examination committee in the form of a public defence. The examination committee comprises the supervisor of your master’s thesis, one additional examiner and one chairperson.

You have to defend your master’s thesis and answer questions relating to the research area of your master’s thesis. Moreover, the additional examiner tests your knowledge on a second subject area (which you can choose yourself). You have to successfully complete both parts of the examination.
After you have submitted the signed examination record, the StudiesServiceCenter will finalise your graduation. Please note that it might take the SSC about two weeks to finalise your documents and that it might take even longer during recess periods.


Forms: Downloadcenter Master

If you have to cancel the defence please contact all involved person (also secretariate and SSC).

Literaturliste für Master BW und IBW

Internationales Management



Magister programme in Statistics

Students of the Magister programme in Statistics do not have to take a final examination. Following the positive assessment of the final thesis and the successful completion of all courses required according to the curriculum, students can apply for graduation to the StudiesServiceCenter.

Master’s programme in Economics

Students who would like to register for the public defence must have completed all modules and master´s thesis of the degree programme successfully.

The final examination is an examination held before an examination committee - chairman (not supervisor) and two examiners (supervisor and a second examiner). You have to defend your master’s thesis and answer questions relating to the research area of your master’s thesis. The examination committee grades the public defence.

Once your last grade has been entered (incl. master’s thesis), please contact Professor Cunat to talk about your defence. Before this meeting, make sure to agree on a date for the defence together with your supervisor and a second examinor. Bring the form to the meeting with Prof. Cunat and let him sign the form (see below). Please contact the secretary of the department (Annemarie Kellner or Gabriele Prochaska) for the reservation of a room.

As soon as you have scheduled an examination date and found the examination committee members, you will have to submit the application form for the public defence as well as the application form for graduation.  Please make sure that at least 2 weeks are between submitting the necessary forms to the StudiesServiceCenter and the examination date.

Forms: Downloadce­nter Master

Picking up your diploma documents

As soon as you have applied for graduation and the SSC has finalised your diploma documents, the Director of Studies will sign them.  You will then receive a notification that your documents have been finalised and that you can pick them up at the StudiesServiceCenter. Please do not forget to fill in the statistical datashett “UStat2 – Survey taken at study-related stays abroad” and bring along the confirmation to the StudiesServiceCenter.

You can pick up your diploma documents personally at the StudiesServiceCenter of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics or have another person authorised in writing pick them up.

Graduation ceremony

Graduations are fittingly celebrated at the University of Vienna. For this purpose, the Conference and Event Management service unit of the University of Vienna organises undergraduate ceremonies and graduation ceremonies for graduates of master’s and PhD/doctoral programmes.
For additional information about graduation ceremonies, please refer to the website of the Conference and Event Management.