Required examinations

For a recognition of examinations, the examinations taken have to correspond to the examination performance specified in the curriculum according to content, workload and mode of examination to a large extent.

Please check the equivalence of the examinations in advance on your own using curricula, our online course directory U:FIND and information provided on the departments’ webpages. The competent Directorate of Studies (SPL) is responsible for the final recognition of examinations.

Submission of applications

Please submit all documents to the StudiesServiceCenter of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics.

Please note that applications for recognition can only be processed if they are complete and filed correctly. Otherwise, the application has to be rejected for formal reasons. 

  • Summer School courses
  • Examinations taken at academic secondary schools or vocational secondary schools
  • Conditional courses (if the completion of conditional courses has been specified during the admission procedure, you have to complete them at the Faculty)

Please note that the StudiesServiceCenter can only provide information on the recognition of examinations if you are currently enrolled on a bachelor’s or master's programme at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics and you have already submitted your application to the SSC.

The Directorate of Studies examines your application and the SSC sends you an e-mail with information on the next steps afterwards.

Required documents

For the recognition of external examinations you have to submit the following documents and the application form (in two copies) to the SSC:

  • Test certificate as original and as a copy
  • Completed application form
  • Description of contents of the courses completed, including a reading list
  • Examiners (provide a link to the examiner’s website, if applicable)
  • Certificate of the mode of examination (type of examination questions, assessment scheme)
  • Course type
  • The course’s workload (semester hours and ECTS credits)
  • Studienblatt (transcript of records) (if you are enrolled at other Austrian universities)
  • Copy of the student ID card
  • Form (in German):Recognition of examinations

Different ways of recognition

Examinations taken at the University of Vienna or at another university

If you have taken examinations at the University of Vienna, but in another degree programme, the same recognition requirements apply as for examinations taken at another university. There are different directors of studies responsible for the recognition depending on the degree programme.

Examinations taken at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU)


All necessary information on the recognition of examinations that have been taken at the Vienna University of Economics and Business is available in the following

Information sheet: Default recognition WU



Examinations taken abroad

If you have taken examinations/gained experience abroad while you have been enrolled at the University of Vienna, you find the relevant information on the web page of the International Support.

Taking examinations that are not offered by the University of Vienna

If the University of Vienna does not offer a compulsory course or compulsory elective course, you can complete this course at another university. BEFORE you complete this course, you have to apply for pre-approval from the Directorate of Studies.

Form (in German): Vorausgenehmigung (pre-approval)

Nostrification (recognition of foreign degrees)

Nostrification stands for the recognition of a foreign degree as an Austrian one. Through nostrification, the foreign degree is declared to be equivalent to an Austrian university degree. The holder is then also entitled to use an Austrian academic title.

Detailed information is available on the web page of the the Office of the Studienpräses.

Initial contact in the Office of the Studienpräses:
Claudia Fritz-Larott
Office of the Studienpräses
University of Vienna
1010 Vienna, Universitätsring 1
Phone: + 43- 1-4277-12154
Fax: +43-1-4277-12159