Introductory and Orientation Period (STeOP) examinations


Students are allowed to repeat examinations from the introductory and orientation period (STEOP) three times, which means that four attempts are permitted in total.   The fourth and last examination attempt has to be heard by an examination committee.

If you do not pass the examination before the examination committee, you will be temporarily withdrawn from the degree programme (further information about the StEOP is available on the Student Point website).

There are two examinations dates per semester, which are set in a way that students can continue their studies in the next semester after having completed the introductory and orientation period.
Examinations are held in December/January and January/February for the winter semester and in May/June and June/July for the summer semester.

Examinations other than StEOP

The same regulations apply to examinations that are not part of the StEOP in all degree programmes.  Students can repeat examinations a maximum of three times, which means that four attempts are permitted in total.  

The fourth and last of the examination attempts you are allowed to take in order to pass a course with non-continuous assessment must be held before an examination committee.

If you do not pass the examination of a course with continuous assessment, you have to repeat the entire course.
If you do not pass the fourth examination attempt of a course with/without continuous assessment before the examination committee, you will be permanently excluded from your degree programme and from all other degree programmes whose compulsory courses include the exam you failed.

Please bear in mind that the decision on excluding a student from a degree programme is not affected by the fact that the course the student failed is a compulsory or an elective course.



Examination dates

Examination dates are available in the course information section in the course directory.

Please contact the StudiesServiceCenter within the official deadline, if an unclear or unjustified error message pops up while you are registering for a course. If your e-mail reaches the StudiesServiceCenter after the deadline has expired, the SSC can not take it into consideration.

You can also find the examination dates via U:SPACE under the “course and examination registration system” tab.
A manual for the course registration is available under the “course registration” tab.

Retaking previously passed examinations

Students are entitled to retake passed examinations up to twelve months after taking them, but no later than the end of the respective stage of the degree programme or the programme as a whole. The result of the passed examination becomes null and void when the exam is retaken.