Think Business, Go International!

Who can apply?

The program is aimed at excellent Master students of the Busi­ness Programs at Humboldt Univer­sity (including the Master of Economics and Management Science) and University of Vienna and the Management & Economics Program at University of Zurich.

Applicants are expected to invest an extra effort to gain additional theoretical and em­pirical training in quantitative business research and gain maximum experience in a very short time in top universities of the three German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The program is intended to bring together an international group of students with a joint interest in quantitative business research with a strong microeconomic and empirical foundation. We strongly emphasize team building and network­ing among participants. Students will become part of a well-connected cohort of future leading business executives or academics.


The Structured Master Mobility Program will be started with the student cohort that started their Master Study Program in Fall 2015, i.e. students who intend to go on an exchange semes­ter in Fall 2016. The first summer school will be held from September 5th-9th 2016 in Zurich. The first exchange semes­ter will be in fall 2016. The second summer school will be held in Vienna in summer 2017.