Further opportunities

In addtion to Erasmus+ and the Non-EU Student Exchange Program, there are several other opportunities for students to internationalise their studies:

  • KWA Short-term grant abroad
  • CEEPUS  Central European Exchange Programm for University Studies
  • Fulbright Studying in the US
  • CESEENET Central and South-East European PhD Network
  • OeAD Database for Scholarships and Research Grants


Self-organised exchange stay abroad

You may also organise an individual stay abroad by contacting a university and requesting a visiting student status. However, this usually means that you have to pay student fees at the host university. In addition, you are also responsible for all administrative steps!
As with regular exchange programmes we strongly recommend you have your courses approved by the director of studies prior to your stay abroad. Please submit the necessary form and detailed course descriptions to the International Support.