Dear Erasmus+ Incomings,

the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics welcomes over 120 participants of the Erasmus+ Mobility Programme each year. We are very happy about this! The International Support is here to help you with all study-related questions and issues during your stay in Vienna.

Your academic coordinator at our faculty is Prof. Michaela Schaffhauser-Linzatti, however, your primary contact persons are the team of the International Support. Please use our contact details for all your queries and requests.

Please read the Incoming Exchange Student Guide carefully as it contains important information on course selection, course registration, deadlines etc.



As nominated exchange students you may register for any courses offered by our faculty.
EXCEPTION: You are not allowed to attend business communication courses in your native language!

Courses offered by our faculty can be found in the online course catalogue on U:FIND  in the section 'Directorate of Studies 4 - Business, Economics and Statistics'

Here you can find all courses organised according to study programme (BA, MA, PhD, electives).

The language of the course catalogue can changed to English by clicking on the button in the right upper corner and chosing 'EN' instead of 'DE'.
The language of instruction of a course can be checked in the course description.

Please note, the number of a course may change each semester even if the content does not.

Course descriptions can be found with the respective course under 'Information' or on the homepage of the respective department or divisions.

Please note:

  • The course catalogue for the upcoming winter semester are usually published in mid/end July.
  • The course catalogue for the upcoming summer semester are usually published in mid/end January.

Please use the course catalogues of previous semester for orientation. Usually, only minor changes are made to the course offer.

Course Registration

Registration for courses has to be done online via U:SPACE.
The registration system and the course organisers automatically and exclusively use your univie u:account e-mail address for e-mail notifications and correspondence. So please check it regularly!

Our registration system is preference-based, you are required to allocate points to your chosen courses. The more points you allocate the higher the chances that you are accepted in the course. We definitely recommend to register for more credits than you actually need, since it is possible that you will not be accepted in all your desired courses.
If you end up on the waiting list and still would like to attend, you can either contact the course organiser or go to the first session of the course. State that you are an exchange student and politely ask if you still may be accepted to the course. Please note that course organisers are NOT obliged to accept you to a course because of you being an exchange student.

!!! Attention: For certain courses you need specific prior knowledge!!!
For example, before 'EK Internationational Marketing' local students have to take 'EK ABWL Marketing' (4 ECTS) and 'FK ABWL Marketing' (4 ECTS). Exchange students should therefore have passed marketing courses worth about 8 ECTS in order to be able to successfully attend 'EK International Marketing'.

More detailed information on course types and registration can be found in the Incoming Exchange Student Guide.

Please also watch the video tutorial below!

Video: Course Registration

Courses outside your nominated field of study

Students nominated for a different field of study are welcome to attend courses at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics. Please inform yourself thoroughly regarding possible pre-requirements as well as the registration process!

We recommend to list courses from other fields of study on an extra Learning Agreement for each field of study.  Please come to the consultation hours or send us the Learning Agreement via e-mail in order to have courses taken at our faculty confirmed and signed.

Participation in courses related to Austria can usually also be confirmed by us, since these courses are offered for all exchange students regardless of their nominated field of study. Please bring along a copy of the course list above when getting the signature.

The participation in language courses at the Language Center of the University of Vienna can also be confirmed by us, if you bring a registration confirmation or a certificate of a completed course.

Further information on taking courses outside your nominated field of study can be found on the website of the International Office

Course Recommendations

The following courses are particularly recommended for exchange students.

Winter semester 2017/18

040154 VK eBusiness and Service Science
4,0 ECTS credits

040139 VK eBusiness and eServices
4,0 ECTS credits

040706 FK eServices (MA)
4,0 ECTS credits

040808 VK Business German
4,0 ECTS credits
Please note: Minimum level in German B1 necessary, native speakers of German will not be accepted!

150089 VU East Asian Hotspots: Economy, Politics and Society of North Korea
4,0 ECTS credits
This course is offered by the directorate of studies East Asian Studies.

150126 VU Current Developments in Northeast Asia (1)
4,0 ECTS credits
This course is offered by the directorate of studies East Asian Studies.

150033 VU Strategic Gaming: The South China Sea Conflict
4,0 ECTS credits
This course is offered by the directorate of studies East Asian Studies.

150224 VO Intercultural Negotiations Patterns
4,0 ECTS credits
This course is offered by the directorate of studies East Asian Studies.